20 November 2011

Two Years and counting...

Two years ago, a young lass named Kelly decided to tie her life to mine in the bonds of eternal marriage.  To this day, I still wonder if she was thinking clearly.  But, too late for her! (Insert evil laugh here...)
In all seriousness, though, it really was two years to this day that we were married.  Hard to believe.  Like a fairly tale, somehow this beauty decided to fall for this beast, this princess decided to love the street urchin, this classy lady descended to love this backwoods kid.  Kelly may say that I am her Prince Charming (and for that reason I will forever be thankful), but I know I am no prince...though, I gotta admit, maybe a little charming. 
Through thick and thin, Kelly has been my best friend.  I don't want to make this post just one big mushy-gushy blip that makes people roll their eyes at how sappy I can be, but the truth is that I have a gem of a wife, no wait, a gem studded crown of a wife!  She is worth more to me than any riches this world could hold.
Is our marriage perfect? No, but that is because I am in it.  Kelly is the perfect part of this union.  I don't know if I tell her that enough, but I tell myself how lucky I am everyday.  I guess I should follow my own advice that I usually give to love sick puppies that share their feelings via modern-day technology (chiefly the book of face), and get off this blasted machine, quit using it to tell all of you how much I love her when she is fifteen feet away, and go tell her myself!
Okay, you all convinced me.  I am on my way to do it right now...

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